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Procedural Growth (WIP)

Studies in procedural growth and simulation.

Project Description

This project is a work in progress but have been pleased with the stills I've rendered as I explore various lighting and shot compositions. I figured with was worth sharing these as I finish the final animation. This has been an incredibly fun exploration in procedural plant growth, procedural rigging, experimenting with methods of tying these systems together into simulations, and breaking these systems into manageable parts using TOPs in Houdini. Everything in these images were created procedurally including the plant models and plant growth.

Lately I've been doing a lot of lighting explorations in high contrast black and white in Redshift. I seems the way I compose and frame images is different when I drop all color and break the image into broad blocks of light and dark.


Houdini: Vellum | Pyro | POPs | DOPs | VDBs | SOPs | Simulation | VEX & Python
Redshift: Rendering | Lighting | Materials


Growth tests:

Vellum Hair

Vellum Hair was used as a point deformer for each individual plant. This proved to be a lightweight method of getting the plants to bend and flow as the dirt density fluctuated beneath them.

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