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Nothing Blooms

Project Description

I've fallen in love with high contrast black & white imagery and I feel it lends itself to a different kind of composition. In addition to the black and white imagery I've found I'm drawn to a kind of animation that hints at kind of narrative through a complex progression of transformations. This kind of story telling seems more akin to how we invoke emotions and interpretations in music than traditional narrative. With this piece I also had the pleasure of continuing my dive into sound design and further developing a complementary feel to expand on the narrative of the visuals.


Houdini: Vellum | Pyro | POPs | DOPs | VDBs | SOPs | Simulation | KineFX | VEX & Python
Redshift: Rendering | Lighting | Materials
Nuke: Compositing
Ableton Live: Music | Sound Design
Adobe Premiere: Editing

Early Shot Exploration


Growth tests:

Vellum Hair

Vellum Hair was used as a point deformer for each individual plant. This proved to be a lightweight method of getting the plants to bend and flow as the dirt density fluctuated beneath them.

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