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Videography, Pilot, & Construction


Since 2018 I've been obsessed with flying, building, and filming with drones. A drone with a camera ticks a lot of boxes for me. The agility and speed of a well made drone, for the first time, gives the camera the same freedom as a CG camera. There are times where the video doesn't feel real. It can feel very "uncanny valley" but is, in fact, real. There is a real joy and focus that comes from flying as well. I have yet to find another activity that can force a flow state and everything drops away and I am focused on flying and flying only. I also have long been fascinated by electronics, soldering, and building. I love the process of finding the right components, soldering everything together, and endlessly tweaking the flight characteristics of the drone. And, finally, I'd say there is real utility in filming with a drone. In many areas of production cost can be cut significantly by choosing a drone over other more expensive rigging/filming options: cranes, helicopter rental, film crews, etc. Because of this last reason I am currently studying for my part 107 commercial drone license through the FAA.




Drone Construction

Editing & Grading


International Trucks - Drone Footage R&D

The following two videos come from my time at Clutch Studios exploring the process of filming with a drone and compositing a photo-real CG truck onto the filmed backplate.

LT_Aero_Live Action Intigrtation_v11
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The following are experiments in filming fairly different environments. It's interesting to me how a different environments lends itself to a different way of flying and the way I approach and navigate the space.

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