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International CV

4/5 Truck Design | Commercial-Grade Vehicle

Project Description

To promote the launch of the new International® CV™ Series, we were engaged to produce imagery that helped tell a groundbreaking story: International® Truck would be releasing the only class 4/5 truck designed, distributed, and supported by a manufacturer that specializes in commercial trucks. The idea that this truck was built to elevate a business lead the International® Truck team to develop the concepts 'From Start-Up to Scale-Up' and 'Because You've Only Just Begun.' With this in mind, we set out to visually tell the stories and show off all of the things this new line of trucks could do.


As part of an integrated campaign, we produced hero imagery, knockouts, clay imagery for infographics, interior imagery, and also a robust configuration tool able to effortlessly show off all the different ways business owners can use this new vehicle to grow.


For the hero imagery, we produced a teaser image, 10 application-specific shots, and fully-realized interior shots that would be used across all channels for the launch. The 3D team worked on building out a modular asset system that allowed all of the vehicle builds to be dynamically managed throughout all aspects of content production. This means that if design changes require vehicle updates, all of our content can be automatically updated down to the part level of any vehicle configuration, making this a cost-effective solution and one that allowed us to help International® Truck make history with the launch of these new commercial-grade vehicles.

Roles & Responsibilities

Technology & Innovation Lead

Research & Development

Pipeline & Software Development

Asset Management

Material Library Creation

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