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Deformation Husbandry

Project Description

The distortions found in the following series of skulls was arrived at through a process of selective breeding. At the heart of this work is the exploration of what kinds of deformations of form can occur with the combination of randomness and subjective human choice. Randomness has a way of taking one to aesthetic places they may not have gone given their own subjective choice alone.

Each skull possesses a unique genotype which represented a series of deformations which would warp a normal skull into what is presented. Over a number of generations the deformations would accumulate and become stronger until I arrived at the final skulls. The final form is the result of choosing certain random distortions a over others. Each of the skulls is a blending
of randomness and my own guiding aesthetic.



Maya Rigging

Octane Rendering

Zbrush Sculpting

Zbrush Sculpt & Clay

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