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Connected Workspaces

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Project Description

Two problems commonly plague the collaborative workspace: connecting different types of devices to one conference room display and finding enough outlets to keep everyone's electronics charged. As the go-to source for quality and premium products, Belkin designed solutions for both of these issues in order to maximize productivity in public spaces. Clutch was tasked with producing product launch imagery as well as developing a series of videos for the launch event, web distribution, and social channels. Keeping with the idea that these products needed to work everywhere and for everyone, we set out to show the products in as many locations as we could while also demonstrating the unique features of the products. We crafted the story and then used a blend of editorial, CG, VFX, and motion design to bring it all together.

Roles & Responsibilities

Technology & Innovation Lead

Research & Development

Pipeline & Software Development

Asset Management

Material Library Creation

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